Israel’s cyber defense arrest vDos, a hacking for hire criminal gang


Israeli cyber defense authority said it has arrested operatives of vDos, a criminal hacking for hire company that carries out Distributed Denial of Service, DDoS, attacks on websites for a fee.

A statement released by the Israe Defense said:

The cyber police. The investigation lasted a year and a half, in which cyber interrogators cleverly exposed the criminal activity of a number of Israeli suspects who set up and managed paid websites that allow DDoS cyber attacks that prevent access to websites and Internet servers worldwide by tens of thousands of attacks that caused economic damage in millions of dollars.

This morning, Tuesday. 8.8.17 The Cybercrime Department of the State Attorney’s Office, which accompanied the investigation, will file an indictment (in camera) against the two young men for the management and establishment of an unprecedented criminal enterprise in cyber-warfare in January 2016. In January 2016, The Israeli police have raised suspicions that a number of suspects (some minors) of Israeli citizens who established and managed a website called used to rent a service that enables a DDOS attack on Internet servers and by creating an artificial load on the Internet is causing a collapse The servers.

In the course of the investigation, the investigators established a link between a number of suspected Israeli citizens who set up a Web site that enables the rental of a service to carry out cyber attacks, and which, through online communities of hackers, connected a number of suspects from abroad who operated similar attack services based on attack capabilities that were constantly developed and refined by The Israeli defendants. The site’s services were offered by the defendants (19 Sharon area) via Internet advertising, social networks and various professional forums. For the benefit of potential customers (registrants), they were able to choose between the number of “attack packages” that were classified according to the time of the attack (duration in seconds) and the intensity of the attack (Gbps). The prices ranged from $ 19.99 to $ 499.99.

The defendants used a straw company in England to register the activity and the payment was made in virtual currencies in order to blur their connection to the site and to the financial gain. Of their extensive activity during the period they worked together, according to suspicions that they will pocket about $613,000 in exchange for the cyber attacks they have given around the world. The two also operated “technical support for customers” services by hackers around the world who provided support services and in return allowed hackers to use the site’s attack capabilities free of charge. In the framework of the international investigation conducted by the Israeli police, his friend also led investigative and intelligence bodies from the United States, England, the Netherlands and Sweden under the auspices of the Europol organization, which led to the arrest of suspects abroad.

The two websites allegedly carried out more than 2,000,000 cyber attacks, which resulted in artificial overload on the attacked server, denial of access to the target server, termination of its operation and its collapse. As a result of these actions, millions of dollars of economic damage was caused to various organizations around the world. During the investigation, NIS 600,000 were seized in the banks’ accounts of the defendants, which the state will seek to foreclose. The Israel Police will continue to act resolutely against perpetrators of crimes, whether in physical or virtual space. The cyber units of the Israel Police will work with all the most advanced technological means to expose, establish an evidentiary infrastructure, investigate and bring to justice perpetrators of crimes against.

These criminal gangs are just one of many cyber criminals that are wrecking havoc to companies and organisations whose website is taking down with DDoS attacks.

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