Protesters storm Shell station in Niger Delta


Some protesters are said to have stormed Shell’s crude oil flow station in Niger Delta demanding jobs and infrastructure development.

The major reason behind there protest is not far from complain that they did not benefit from oil production in their area. As part of their complain was a demand to put an end to oil pollution in the area.

Reuters report that Soldiers and security guards did not disperse the crowd as they entered the Belema Flow Station in Rivers State, which feeds oil into Shell’s Bonny export terminal.

At the time of reporting, Shell had not made any comment, and it was not immediately clear whether there was an impact on oil production.

While Bonny Light crude oil is currently under force majeure due to the closure of the Trans Niger Pipeline, exports continue via another export line.

About Shell Nigeria
As one of the world’s leading energy companies Shell plays a key role in helping to meet the world’s growing energy demand in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways. It has a history of over 50 years in Nigeria and the largest footprint of all the international oil and gas companies operating in the country.

The company has been active in Nigeria since 1937. Its companies and investments have played a pioneering role in onshore, shallow and deep water oil exploration and production. Shell has also been at the forefront of gas development, producing and delivering gas to domestic consumers and export markets for over 40 years.