Google Optimize now opens versions for 37 languages

Google optimize

Google has shipped Google Optimize to be available for about 37 languages.

In an update statement, Google said analysts and teammates around the world can use Optimize in the language of your choice. If you’d like to use Optimize in a language other than English, update your language preference in your Optimize user settings today.

Google Optimize helps any business test and deliver better website experiences.

It’s easy to implement. Test new and engaging web experiences across your entire site in minutes. Optimize is built on top of Google Analytics so you can just add a single line of code to your existing Analytics implementation.

It’s easy to use. Use the Optimize WYSIWYG (What‑You‑See‑Is‑What‑You‑Get) editor, to change just about anything on your site – text, images, layouts, and more – just click to edit! There is no need to recode your site each time you want to test a new experience.

It’s easy to understand and act on results. Optimize calculates results based on your existing Analytics metrics and business objectives. It’s clear to see what you should do next to drive even more impact for your business.

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