Why wannacry malware hero, Marcus Hutchins was arrested in the U.S

Christopher Hayes

Marcus Hutchins, the computer researcher who contributed in the halting of Wannacry ransom attack on UK hospitals has been arrested in the United States on charges that he was the chief architect of the Kronos banking trojan.

Hutchins a UK resident also known as ‘MalwareTech’, was said to have been arrested in Las Vegas following a two-year long investigation and indicted on six counts of computer fraud.

The Kronos banking trojan was designed to harvest and transfer the username and password associated with banking websites and was used on attacks against financial institutions in the Canada, Germany, Poland, France, and the United Kingdom, among others countries.

At the moment investigations are on going as there are no evidence that Hutchins deployed the malware personally, but he is alleged to have made thousands of dollars by advertising it for sale on dark Web sites.

Marcus Hutchins’ arrest has caused a stir in the circles were he was celebrated as a hero for disarming the Wannacry ransomware attack that shook the UK health system in May this year.


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