EXMAN appoints Kehinde Salami as president

Kehinde Salami has been appointed as the president of the Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria, EXMAN.

He was appointed at the maiden awards of the association. In his inaugural speech as the President of the association, Kehinde Salami expressed his pleasure at his election and praised the effort of his predecessors at taking EXMAN to the heights attained in the last four years, noting that, “The baby which was born and nurtured by my predecessors, Mr. Kayode Olagesin, our first president and more recently, Dr. Rotimi Olaniyan, is now happily crawling with notable features” he said.

“Our industry is a unique one, playing an increasingly leading role in growing Nigerian brands through meaningful experience. Because marketing is beyond exposure to engagements, the constant demand for our industry expertise is growing exponentially and our responsibility lies in our ability to properly organize ourselves, play vital roles and deliver inspiring works.

Kehinde further expressed his readiness to work closely with the association’s excos in institutionalizing desired changes in EXMAN.

“My tenure will usher in a new and renewed vigour for professionalism, integrity, training, capacity building and the pursuit of a single basic interest tariff and to partner with government at all levels.

“The Excos and I will deliberate extensively on a wide range of programmes we will action embedded within a larger blueprint.”


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