Ethiopian finance minister, Alemayehu Gujo arrested on corruption charges


Ethiopia’s minister of states for finance Alemayehu Gujo has been arrested on corruption charges.

The arrest of Alemayehu Gujo is the most high-level so far in an anti-corruption drive announced two weeks ago, according to State TV.

The Parliament had revoked the impunity of Alemayehu Gujo, state minister of Finance & Economic Cooperation, in an urgent meeting held before his arrest.

According to a report on Allafrica, Getachew Ambaye, attorney general, proposed the revocation of the privilege of being protected from any legal suits being brought against him.

Alemayehu has been accused of awarding three contracts worth USD26.2 million to two companies that did not take part in a bidding process and receiving 500,000 Br in bribery.

His immunity was given in accordance with article 54(6) of the Constitution which clearly stipulates that no member of the Parliament shall be prosecuted or arrested without the permission of the Parliament.

“There is nothing which I regret,” Alemayehu said during the meeting. “I believe that there is justice in the country, the main impunity is justice.”

The report further says that all members of the Parliament except Alemayehu voted for the revocation of his immunity. He, however, remained abstinent during the voting against his immunity.