What happened to Theachievas Ponzi scheme?

What happened to Theachievas Ponzi scheme?

For many who interested in Ponzi schemes, theachievas seem to be one of those that sprang up earlier in the year, we are in the eight month and the program has fizzled out already.

Theachievas is one of those Ponzi sites that claimed to be 100% transparent, standardized and has a dedicated server. In fact, the administrators then said it was no hit and run scheme or any other scheme which comes out. The assurance to its investors then was that the site has a server with full capacity to accept and sustain over two million users.

In theachievas.org, with NGN50000 you get 2x what you donated which is NGN100000 within 3days of investment. Once register, click on “get a sponsor” you will be matched with whom you will pay to, once you pay and the person confirms you, you will get in queue and within 3 days two people will pay you NGN50000 each.

These were some of its acclaimed features:

www.theachievas.org is hosted on a dedicated server which has the capacity to contain over 5million active users on the website at the same time and run efficiently.

www.theachievas.org is a secured domain and it’s database has a profound end-to-end encryption and backup. Your data is safe in the site free from external influences. The domain is hack-proof.

www.theachievas.org has carefully mapped out means to do away with cyber beggars. Each sponsor has the *confirm* button- to activate paid downlines- and *delete user* button to outrightly delete cyber beggars at a click. Also the beggar also has the option of removing his/herself from a sponsor’s downline by simply clicking *cancel payment*. That way cyber beggars wouldn’t have to stall sponsors’ payment time, and when they are deleted the sponsor would be rematched immediately. Also, downlines who do not make payment within 2hrs would be blocked automatically and their sponsor be reassigned a new downline. These strict measures are put in place to curb nonchalant attitude in the system and streamline the participants to serious members only.

www.theachievas.org has a standby support active 24/7 to give prompt response to users’ problems and challenges and address them accordingly in order to provide a fulfilling service to its members.

www.theachievas.org has adopted an exceptionally different matching matrix which ensures fast pairing of *Confirmed* users. Hence, you wouldn’t wait endlessly to be matched or rematched.

www.theachievas.org isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather it is a simple system built with the intention of sustaining it for efficient peer to peer donations over a very long time. It is built on the ideology that it’s members should be serious goal oriented individuals who are determined to donate and help each other achieve specific life goals and *MAINTAIN A STEADY SOURCE OF INCOME*. As such the system is designed on a 1 man 1 account policy. This is to ensure that the system is sustained on the long run.
However, within 1 account you can donate 3times maximum.

As a summary, all of these promises have gone down the drain along with monies of its investors who must have been stranded as it appears the scheme had shut down. They are never able to sustain it. The case of Ponzi scheme is like a time bomb waiting to explode as soon as it reaches its set time.

What many of the investors in ponzi have failed to understand overtime is that these programme usually have a set target, once the administrators achieve it, they simply shut the thing down as they will be unable to pay those who have committed money into the system.