Union Diagnostics profit surged up by 15% in Q2


Union diagnostics and clinical services plc in its financial report for second quarter 2017 recorded 15% fall year on year to NGN141,7 billion compared to NGN123.1 billion recorded same quarter 2016.

Total revenue rose up to NGN714,7 billion in this quarter in contrast to NGN654.9 billion in the year before and costs of sales was NGN294.9 billion against NGN288.9 billion in the year before.

Gross profit to NGN419.4 billion in contrast to NGN366.0 billion in the comparing year while operating profit NGN155.9 billion against NGN133.5 billion in 2016.

The company recorded a rise in total assets to NGN4.3 billion compared to NGN4.0 billion in the previous year while total liabilities was lowered to NGN126.8 billion from NGN158.9 billion in the year before.

Company Overview

Processing millions of tests a year, catering to more Laboratories, Hospitals and Consultants; and with many years of experience delivering accurate reports, Union Diagnostic has also earned the reputation of being Nigerian diagnostic centers with presence in almost all Nigeria State. As a purely Nigeria based Medical Diagnosis Center, Union Diagnostic has come a long way.

Visionary leadership, strategic associations with other leading laboratories across the country, strict ethical policies are some of the reasons Union Diagnostic is Nigeria’s largest laboratory chain. Our network is state-of-art-laboratories across Nigeria, with collection centers further demonstrate how committed we are to delivering accurate and timely results across the many routine, specialized and highly specialized investigations we offer – investigations that use different technologies.

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