Aluminium extrusion says profit fell by 43% loss in Q2


Aluminium extrusion industries plc is reporting 43% decline in net profit to NGN34.1 million for second quarter 2017 compared to NGN60.1 million reported same period fiscal year 2016.

The company ended the quarter with NGN1.4 billion revenue same as recorded in the previous year while costs of sales stood at NGN1.2 billion as the year before.

Aluminium extrusion recorded NGN183.9 million gross profit for the period compared to NGN199.3 recorded in the financial year 2016.

Total assets for the period was NGN2.3 billion compared to NGN2.2 billion same period 2016 while total liabilities was NGN554.9 million against NGN491.1 million in the year before.

Company Information

Aluminium Extrusion with over twenty years of experience in extrusion business. It draws its strength from being part of the international group that is in extrusion business in Ghana, Kenya, Trinidad, Srilanka, Nepal, Jamaica and other countries.