Tripple Gee profit rose by 264% in Q2


Tripple Gee & company plc is reporting 264% net profit of NGN2.7 billion for second quarter 2017 compared to NGN1.6 billion loss recorded same period financial year 2016.

The company had a turnover of NGN156.3 billion which is 34% higher than NGN101.5 billion recorded in the previous year while its costs of sales was NGN92.2 billion against NGN41.1 billion in 2016.

There was 6% increment in gross profit to NGN64.0 billion from NGN63.3 billion in the fiscal year 2016 and operating profit was 11.0 billion in 2017 versus 7.8 billion in 2016.

Total assets was NGN1.8 trillion versus NGN1.8 billion acquired in 2016 while total liabilities was NGN309.8 billion against NGN352.9 billion in the year before.

Company Information

TRIPPLE GEE & COMPANY PLC is a manufacturer of financial instruments, secure and commercial documents, labels and flexible packaging materials. Our range of products and services are instrumental across industry sectors from the banking industry, government regulatory bodies and oil and gas to pharmaceuticals and FMCG manufacturers.

With over 36 years in the print business and a solid track record working with financial institutions, big organisations and governments to research, evolve and improve the security and quality of transactional and commercial instruments and other substrate based prints.

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