280first to provide data feed on Nasdaq analytics hub


280first has announced that its unique data sets, extracted from corporate filing analysis, will be available through the Nasdaq Analytics Hub. The 280first service dynamically analyzes unstructured data in SEC financial filings discovering material insights that are otherwise unknown to the marketplace, exposing and scoring signals to reflect actionable changes in a firm’s plans, strategies, and risks.

The Nasdaq Hub debuted in May 2017 to address the growing needs of the buy-side for potential new trading and investment signals derived from additional structured and unstructured data sets. The 280first data feed will be available as a dataset to Nasdaq Hub subscribers.

“There’s actionable information buried in text portions of 10K/10Q and other public filings, which to date have required page-by-page reading and comparison of sequential documents,” said Zhiping Zhao, co-founder of 280first. “Nasdaq has back-tested and vetted that actions taken on the 280first signals outperformed the market 64% of the time. With the 280first data feed, investors gain significant investment insight and time advantage. We are honored that Nasdaq added 280first as high-value content for Nasdaq Hub customers.”

Unique in the industry, the 280first platform is the first service to incorporate artificial intelligence, natural language processing and data analytics in combination with experienced analysts to make sense of the text within financial filings – and not just the numbers. The 280first platform dynamically extracts noteworthy highlights signaling a company’s internal deliberations, upcoming material events and disclosures. These highlights fill gaps in the information available to investment professionals, complementing existing data while providing additional and incremental value. Time-sensitive or particularly noteworthy highlights are flagged and delivered to clients.

The 280first platform launched in 2016 and is in active use by top investment professionals. For more information or a copy of the 280first results report, contact info@280first.com.

About 280first

280first was founded in 2014 by a team led by Zhiping (Ping) Zhao, Ph.D., a distinguished senior research analyst with deep knowledge and experience in both equity and credit arenas. The platform was developed to address specific pain points facing investment professionals, based on the team’s long tenure in the industry. Purpose-built to expand the reach and efficacy of investment professionals, the 280first platform and alerts service is the first in a series of high-value solutions the company will deliver to the financial services market.


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