Nigeria’s Wakanow to diversify into full-fledged travel financing

Green Africa Airways

Wakanow, Nigeria’s and West Africa’s largest online travel booking company has hinted that it plans to engage in full-fledged travel financing.

By this, Wakanow will be providing funding for travellers who will then pay back through a structured agreed terms. Details on interest rates have not been disclosed as at the time of writing this report.

According to sources close to Wakanow, the diversification into travel financing is to further ride on the success of its Wakanow ‘Pay Small Small‘, an instalment payment product that seeks to make travelling affordable through flexible payment terms.

He added that: “Our eyes have been set on becoming Africa’s biggest travel brand, and be at the forefront of intra-Africa travel. And part of the ways we want to advance that conversation is to aggressively grow Wakanow into a travel finance company, offering all classes of travellers the opportunity to travel. This is a major drive for the company at the moment”.

The company understands that not everybody can afford the cost of a vacation, even though they desperately want it. Our goal is not only to make travel more affordable, we also want to help individuals plan and finance their trips through the means of a convenient payment scheme.

At the core of our winning strategies is the highly successful Wakanow Pay Small Small, which it will also offer to the East African markets under the Pay Kidogo Kidogo scheme.

The company just launched Wakanow Kenya to serve as a regional hub for our East African bloc. Pay Kidogo Kidogo scheme would play a significant role in boosting travellers figure in the region”.

The service has already been introduced in Nigeria and Ghana. Wakanow is looking at launching the service in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal.