Bringing back trust and transparency to ecommerce in Nigeria

There’s been a disconnect between online shoppers and online retailers which have led to distrust in the e-commerce ecosystem in Nigeria.

Sadly, a great number of online retailers see the opportunity to make money as the only priority and in the course of time have lost sight of what truly matters. According to Ibe Kingsley, its co-founder “Profit making is no doubt the underlying objective of most businesses. While acknowledging the importance of sales, we believe the absence of customer satisfaction does not guarantee a successful business model”.

High price differentials, order fulfilment hitches, poor customer service as well as the lack of transparency and accountability are some of the major problems inherent in the Nigerian ecommerce ecosystem that aims to solve with their unique online shopping service. launched in March of 2017 and so far has recorded over half a million in sales despite being a new comer with a small customer base. When asked how Priceslash has been able to bring in such earnings despite being in a crowded market Ifidon Irivboje the Co-Founder and CEO said this was made possible by focusing exclusively on one thing, customer satisfaction.

“You see, we at Priceslash are pretty fanatical about customer satisfaction, everything we do revolves around that. From the moment a customer visits our website to the moment an order is delivered. We believe creating memorable online shopping experiences is what matters most to customers and we endeavour to do just that”.

They also believe through their on-demand service they have been able to find a solution to the regular convention of online shoppers who skim through pages and pages of unending products, searching for the best quality and cheapest price simultaneously.

Through this new on-demand service, they believe that they can connect better with their customers while taking requests. A move they understand will strengthen the relationship between them and customers.