Servers of M.E.Doc, Ukrainian software seized on Malware spread


M.E.Doc, a Ukrainian Software company has seen its servers seized by the country’s police suspected it of spreading a malware virus.

M.E.Doc makes accounting software but its servers were suspected of spreading malware which crippled computer systems at major companies around the world last week, a senior police official said.

According to, the head of Ukraine’s Cyber Police, Serhiy Demedyuk, told Reuters the servers of M.E.Doc – Ukraine’s most popular accounting software – had been seized as part of an investigation into the attack.

Though they are still trying to establish who was behind last week’s attack, Ukrainian intelligence officials and security firms have said some of the initial infections were spread via a malicious update issued by M.E.Doc, charges the company’s owners deny.

The owners were not immediately available for comment on Tuesday.

The police move came after cybersecurity investigators unearthed further evidence on Tuesday that the attack had been planned months in advance by highly-skilled hackers, who they said had inserted a vulnerability into the M.E.Doc programme.

Ukraine also took steps on Tuesday to extend its state tax deadline by one month to help businesses hit by the malware assault

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