GameMine partners South Africa’s Vodacom on Mobile gaming


GameMine, a US-based mobile game publisher, has entered a strategic partnership with South African mobile carrier, Vodacom Group for mobile gaming i.e game applications on the Vodacom mobile phones.

The partnership seeks to provide GameMine’s diverse range of subscription-based mobile games to Vodacom’s large South African mobile market.

GameMine is providing a selection of its ad-free mobile games, which include more than 175 titles spanning all major mobile gaming genres, free of charge to Vodacom subscribers during a promotional trial period.

“GameMine recognizes the distinct value and importance of South Africa’s thriving mobile carrier market as an appropriate demographic region for our company’s product, as well as an early trend indicator for the African continent’s entire mobile industry,” says Daniel Starr, CEO of GameMine. “Vodacom is the premier South African mobile carrier, and a standout company among mobile carriers around the globe. As such, we are extremely excited about this partnership and honored to provide our selection of mobile games to Vodacom’s South African subscriber base.”

Nyimpini Mabunda, Chief Officer Consumer Business Unit, said :”Vodacom is excited to have partnered with GameMine in the MegYourDay promotion. MegYourDay is the product of numerous conversations with customers, and really listening to what they’re wanting as added value for being part of the Vodacom family. It is also part of our commitment to delivering digital content services in the most affordable way. A key differentiator for us is the quality, strength and reliability of our network. This is particularly important in a promotion like this to ensure that our customers have the best experience when enjoying their favourite platforms without network disruptions. Customers on the Vodacom network experience faster upload and download speeds, enhancing their experience on any social or digital platform,” says Nyimpini Mabunda, Chief Officer Consumer Business Unit.”

The partnership will significantly boost GameMine’s global subscriber base as well as its exposure within international mobile carrier markets while providing Vodacom’s South African iPhone and Android users with access to GameMine’s best-in-class mobile games, all of which are being provided in a fully-unlocked, ad-free manner.