UK, broadcast regulator, Ofcom to review Sky acquisition by 21st Century Fox

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Ofcom, United Kingdom’s broadcast regulator and the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport is said to reviewing the acquisition of Sky by 21st Century Fox.

Sky said in a statement that it has received Ofcom’s report, the Secretary of State has indicated that she is minded to refer the Transaction to the Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) for an in-depth review in relation to media plurality. The Secretary of State has indicated that she is not minded to refer in relation to commitment to broadcasting standards.

The Secretary of State has also indicated that she is not presently minded to accept undertakings offered by 21st Century Fox, which provide for the continued editorial independence of and current levels of investment in Sky News.

The Secretary of State has not reached a final decision. Before reaching a final decision, the Secretary of State will consider further representations. These are to be provided by 14 July, 2017.
Sky will continue to engage with the process as the Secretary of State reaches her final decision.

Sky said it is open to today’s announcement of Ofcom’s decision that Sky would continue to be a fit and proper holder of its broadcast licences under full ownership of 21CF and will continue to operate its business as usual.

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