StateScore is Nigeria’s first opensource state review platform


StateScore is a performance index for states in Nigeria where citizens and residents of these states can review the state leadership’s performance in various areas like healthcare and education.

All 36 states and the FCT are ranked and visitors can view their scorecard which contains score breakdowns and some historical analysis.

StateScore was created to help citizens and residents of states in Nigeria express their opinion of their state’s leadership and easily discover the performance of other states.

We also hope to help the leadership of the states in Nigeria get more insight on the “big picture” result of their activities through regular performance reviews.

Reviews of states are crowdsourced and open to any resident of Nigeria. To submit a review, visitors can simply sign in with either their Facebook or Twitter account and they’ll be taken to a simple dashboard where they can select their state of origin and residence and submit their reviews.

Our goal is to encourage citizens participation in governance by giving them a platform to encourage or criticize those in power and on the long run become a standard index that can provide valuable insight to stakeholders in governance & economic development as well as inform the opinions of voters in future elections.

We are currently a team of 3 including:
– Yinka Olukorode (Growth Hacker at, Ventures Platform Alum)
– Femi Olukorode (Business Developer, YALI RLC Fellow)
– Wunmi Akande (Writer, International Relations Grad)

Visit our website at to sign in and submit your reviews.

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