Kazakhstan arrests Mirsaitova D.K. of OneCoin, calls the scheme ‘criminal’


The recent arrest of OneCoin’s investor, Mirsaitova D.K. in Kazakhstan has further revealed the hardline approach of the country against the pseudo-cryptocurrency.

Kazakhstan has just released an updated statement that it OneCoin is a ‘criminal organisation’ which is not a genuine digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

According to tengrinews.kz

“In 2015, Mirsaitova DK, in a group of persons by prior conspiracy with his son Mirsaitovym SD, Smagulova TH, Tambetovoy GK and other persons acting by fraud and breach of trust, to criminal enrichment on a large scale, organized on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan activities on behalf of a foreign company OneCoin, aimed at raising funds of investors from different regions of the country under the pretext of the implementation of the same name cryptocurrency “, – said in a statement.

It is noted that the aforementioned persons have created an extensive network of activists working in all regions of the country, which is reintroduced into the regular contributors to the misconception represents independent marketing partners of the Bulgarian company OneCoin LTD. The SRC reported that these persons again advertise exclusivity cryptocurrency realized they promise rapid growth of its course and super-profits from future sales opportunity in the near future to pay this cryptocurrency for goods and services, a multi-level bonus system by attracting new investors, as well as access cryptocurrency on world markets by 2018, thus declining the depositors to purchase so-called “traders packages” with cryptocurrency at the cost of 140 to 118 000 euros.

“By purchasing these packages, the investor becomes the owner of the electronic gas exchange units, referred to as” tokens “. At the same time investors companies are often invited to join several packages with different prices for a total increase of” tokens “by various types of shares, periodically conducted by the company, doubling the number of purchased” tokens ” . subsequently, the acquired “tokens” is possible to generate the so-called cryptocurrency OneCoin according to the established by the ratio of 1 to 99 OneCoin “tokens”, – the press-SLN baa.

As reported in CGD, OneCoin product is not actually cryptocurrency, and is an analog electronic payment units, widely used in online games, respectively, all of the information instilled depositors of the possibility of obtaining super-profits, is a criminal fiction aimed at misappropriation of funds contributors The SRC explained that customers simply demonstrates the crediting of the account, with any documents proving the payment of packages, the depositor shall not be granted a contract or customer agreements governing the investor relations with the company OneCoin LTD, are not compiled.

“Subsequently, attracted from depositors funds accumulated on personal accounts of the suspects in the second-tier banks. After that, under the guise of online learning are derived outside the Republic of Kazakhstan by their transfer to foreign companies account. Pre-trial investigation has been reliably established that in the period from 2015 on currently, the total amount involved suspected money of depositors amounted to 2.2 billion tenge, of which 391 million tenge were transferred to the accounts of these companies “, – reported in the SDD.

OneCoin has been banned across several countries except for Bulgaria where the company is officially registered. Nigeria has placed a fraud alert on OneCoin as well as India whic has cracked down on the scheme with various arrests of promoters of the scheme.