Invotide is making premium eCommerce solutions affordable for Nigerian businesses

Invotide set out to resolve these pain points by providing affordable yet high functionality solutions for eCommerce businesses that are just starting out, looking to get online or simply in need of a more effective alternative.

For Founders with little to no programming skill, one of the biggest expenses when creating an eCommerce startup is setting up the website which requires hiring of often pricey developers.

This is worsened by the unpredictability of such costs, as the price of setting up an eCommerce website can go from low for basic functionalities, to off the charts for a fully premium site. Even technologically knowledgeable Founders are always on the lookout for cheaper services that will offer the same or even better features than their current solution.

The Founder, Victor Maranzu, states that the core focus of Invotide is to develop user-friendly and affordable ecommerce technologies that cater to Nigerian businesses, with plans to scale across Africa in the near future.

What is Invotide?

Invotide is a complete ecommerce solution that allows anyone to set up an online store to sell their goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card and direct bank payments, track and respond to orders, send invoices to your customers and remind them about their subscriptions, all with a few clicks of the mouse. The whole platform was built around the clients, keeping in mind that entrepreneurs need things done quickly, so it’s very easy to use and understand.


One of its outstanding features is the freedom to operate multiple online stores including on your website, social media channels, and mobile devices. Another standout feature is how your Invotide eCommerce store is also completely integrated into your Business’ Facebook page in a very clean and intuitive manner, your customers will never have to leave your page to purchase anything from your store, thereby reducing bounce rates.

Its user-friendliness and social channel integrations will help grow your social media sales and exposure, while taking off the worries and costs from building a regular website such as payment integration hassles.

How Invotide Works

In order for merchants to get their Invotide online stores, they will need to signup on the Invotide website – and choose a plan that suites their business.

Invotide comes with 3 plans. The Basic plan lets you sell 10 products, while the Standard plan enables you to sell an unlimited number of products and create unlimited number of admin users. Both plans also offer a free Point of Sale application to manage offline sales, a free Facebook store to enable you sell on your Facebook page and Bulk SMS marketing.


For even greater functionality and business growth, the Invotide Premium plan offers free customization services, such as a fully mobile Android or iOS app at very good pricing. They even throw in live chat priority support with this plan.

How Much Does It Cost?

Merchants can pay monthly or yearly for each Invotide plan. The Basic plan currently costs N500 per month while the Standard plan costs N2000 per month. The Premium plan has no fixed price as what the merchant pays depends on the number of customization and add-on services required.

It’s clear that Invotide is one of the cheapest solutions for Nigerian business owners hoping to leverage the possibilities of the Internet. It’s actually cheaper than many other platforms available, considering that hosting is also included with the platform. So if you’re looking for value at a good price, this is definitely the right solution for you.

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