Facebook hits 2 billion monthly users


Facebook Inc, the world’s largest social network said it has reached 2 billion monthly users which is about one-quarter of the world’s population.

The data also means that in the last one year, about 600,000 new accounts are opened on Facebook every day. To put into context, the feat must have been achieved with help from Facebook’s massive advertising programme which simply drives new users to the platform.

Facebook said in the statement that:

They say love makes the world go round. Every day across the planet, more than 175 million people share “love” on Facebook, over 800 million people “like” something on Facebook, and over 750 million new friendships are made on Facebook. What’s more, over 1 billion people use Groups every month to build communities and connect around shared interests.

Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp, two companies it acquired to bolster its position in photo-sharing and mobile messaging respectively.

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