Dikalo is a real time messaging app

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Dikalo is a real-time messaging platform that gives users full control over their private information.

No phone number, no email, no sign up required to send the first messages. Just generate a disposable conversation key, share it, and anyone with that key can contact you in real time like on any other messaging app.

But unlike other messaging apps, our users decide when, how and with whom they share private data.

Because Dikalo does not require personal information to work, it can be used in lots of scenarios where another messenger can’t.

With people you just met or those, you don’t know (yet). In this case, you use a disposable key.

But also with friends and family by creating an account and sharing your private key.

Dikalo is currently available on the web (https://www.dklo.co) and for download (https://welcome.dklo.co/downloads)

Apps for Android and iOS are coming soon.

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