Key Learning from Hackgrowth 2.0 with Designers in Lagos


In a bid to help designers understand and enhance user satisfaction with their products, Hackgrowth 2.0 with designers provided the platform for tech startups who want to ease interaction.

It is the second in the series, a number of startup designers were out to garner as much information as possible from the industry players who were on hand to share knowledge and answer cogent questions.

Branding, content structure and design were among the key discussions at the event.

Here a few thought and the takeaway for designers:

Osaze Osoba (Zoto App)
First and foremost is that designers always bear in mind that they want to create an easy to use product by making sure the user can carry out a specific goal, and avoid making the process too complex. Also ensure to test your product as a designer, see how it looks like and how it sounds.

Imogie Mubarak (Freelance Designer)
Basically, as a country a lot of our products are not globally competitive, by continually organizing events such as this where designers can explain the purpose of what they have built, the startup founders can then make design something important in their products. This also helps the startups to create something that can be globally acceptable and that their use would generally love.
We have come to a conclusion that Concepts like onboarding, user testing should not be an afterthought as they are actually important in the lifetime of any product.

Emmanuel Quartey (Paystack)
Well, I am approaching designs from the data perspective. Too often, it’s very easy for designers to jump into a design project with lots of feelings and not be able to back their designs with lots of decisions. One big thing that came through loud and clear is as much as possible informing your designs with data, either data from google analytics or whatever analytics you are using or actual user behaviour.

Damiliola Marcus (Dadesignstudios)
One of the things I got at this event is about User Experience which is a major part of what designer should note. Sometimes designers also tend to neglect the initial brand identity which was clarified by the speakers as something very important as it is the stem root of where all the other choices come from. I learnt a lot as to what designers should also retain in their apps, website and a lot of thought I did not know. Look at Instagram, there is a fundamental identity that makes it stand out as a brand, same with Google and Youtube.

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