Partner Mobile celebrates first anniversary, launches PS3

Partner Mobile, one of the Nigeria’s fastest growing mobile phone brands has launched PS 3 into the market to celebrate its one year of bringing innovative mobile devices into the Nigerian mobile market.

PS 3 is coming into the market to consolidate on the innovative ingenuity of the brand following the success of PS1 PS2 and PS Power.

The Partner PS3 is an android OS 7.1 mobile phone that comes with a whooping deca-core 2.6GHz processor. With a 5.5inch FHD IPS LCD, the phone comes with an innovative dual 13MP back camera and an 8MP front camera. It has a 3350Mah battery and comes with a RAM of 4GB and a ROM of 64GB.

Describing the performance of Partner Mobile brand in the Nigerian market for the past twelve months, Simon Klepper, Chief Operating Officer, COO, Partner Mobile, said that the brand has been successful despite the challenging Nigerian economy, the decreasing value of Naira and political change.

Klepper attributed the success of the brand to true commitment and perseverance shown by the company. He added that Partner Mobile in the coming years will deeply penetrate the Nigerian market and also establish itself as a reputable company in the country.

“Partner Mobile’s first year in the Nigerian market has got to be viewed as a success. The last year has been a challenging one for the whole of Nigeria with the current dwindling economy, the decreasing value of the Naira and political change.

“For any company to launch itself under such conditions it has to show true commitment and perseverance, Partner Mobile has displayed these qualities,” Klepper said.

Also commenting on Partner Mobile’s penetration into the Nigerian market, Ifeoluwa Akerele-Molokwu, Marketing Manager, Partner Mobile, said the brand name has been marketed to a large extent. According to Akerele, “Partner Mobile devices have been made to fit into every social and economic class.”

She said: “We have our gadgets currently in major stores across the country and we are still working towards reaching more customers by partnering with other dealers.

“We have made available devices to fit into every social and economic class and also putting into consideration the current economic situation. Better said, we’ve got a Partner for everyone.”

While speaking on the quantity of devices already released into the Nigerian market Klepper said: “We released three android phones at the launch last year and quickly followed them up with a straight forward feature phone. The PF1 proved so popular that over the last three months we have released similar models of increasing specifications, the PF2, PF3, PF4 and a heavy duty PF-P1 with the capability of a powerbank.

“Our mid-range Elite series E15 has just been replaced with the E16 and in the Prestige series, the PS1 has been joined by the PS-Power and PS2. Over the next couple of months we will have the PS1 + and PS1 Pro to complete the series.

“As we look forward to Nigeria re-establishing it’s previously impressive growing economy,” he said, “phone and gadget lovers can be assured that Partner Mobile will bring to market ranges of phones to satisfy the needs and desires of its consumers.”

Unveiling the marketing strategies deployed in ensuring that a lot of Nigerians became aware of Partner Mobile brand, the Marketing manager emphasized that they employed the strategy of pricing and innovation, which is equally in line with their promise to release updates, deliver the latest innovation and at affordable prices.

“With the sole aim of delivering innovation, the brand also used the pricing strategy to win the customers. We brought into the market pretty looking devices that could deliver every of its promise without putting a hole in the pockets of the customers. We delivered the promise of sleekness, innovation, affordability and power,” Akerele said.

Meanwhile, the Chief Operating Officer further stressed that in an ever changing market where the needs and wants of the consumer take precedence, the company is committed to constantly evaluating and assessing the kinds of products to bring into the market that will solve the consumer’s need. He further explained that the consumer spending power is equally a factor that affects their decision making.

Klepper proposes that Partner Mobile in its fifth anniversary would be established throughout the African continent and equally trading in continents including Middle East, Europe and the United States of America.

In a related development, Partner Mobile also held dealers’ conference in order to appreciate its esteemed dealers for their support over the past one year.

About Partner Mobile

Partner Mobile is a company dedicated to pursuing the latest advances in mobile phone technology with the sole aim of giving customers visually attractive products that perform beyond their expectations and at affordable costs.

Partner Mobile aims to build confidence, not only in their products and the constant search to bring innovative, ground-breaking technology to market; but in a human capacity through customer care experiences.

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