BHP names Kenneth McKenzie as its Chairman

Kathy Warden

BHP Billiton has appointed Kenneth McKenzie as it Chairman of its board of directors.

Mr. Kenneth McKenzie, also known as Ken, serves as Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at Airbus Group Inc. and is responsible for the European manufacturer’s strategy, mergers and acquisitions and technology activities in the Americas – a footprint that includes Airbus Americas Engineering in Wichita.

Mr. Kenneth McKenzie served as Chief Operating Officer of Spirit Airlines, Inc. since December 2009 until June 2011. Mr. McKenzie served as an Executive Vice-President of Operations of Westjet Airlines Ltd. from September 7, 2006 to September 1, 2009. Mr. McKenzie joined WestJet as Director for regulatory affairs. He served as an Executive Vice President of operations at WestJest. He has been Director of Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. since November 23, 2016.

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