Pfizer South Africa denies hiking cancer drug price


Pfizer has denied allegations by the Competition Commission of South Africa, CompComSA that its local unit in South Africa over-charged for cancer drugs.

It would be recalled that CompComSA said it will investigate Aspen Pharmacare, Africa’s biggest generic drugmaker, Pfizer and Swiss-based Roche Holding on suspicion of charging too much for cancer medicines.

Pfizer said it did not supply its lung cancer product at the alleged price of ZAR152,000 (this is approximately YSD12,046).

The company told Reuters that “We await the opportunity to be contacted by the Commission to clarify the pricing for this product”.

The Commission said it had information that suggested Pfizer’s lung cancer treatment cost approximately ZAR152,000 for 250 mg when bought through an agent.

Aspen is an indigenous drug market based out of Durban. The company has issued its statement to deny that it hiked prices for medicines used to treat leukaemia beyond the margin approved by the South African health department.

On the part of Roche, the company said it will co-operate fully with the authorities.

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