FitLife Brands to showcase products at the 2017 Europa Games in Dallas

FitLife Brands, an international provider of innovative and proprietary nutritional supplements for health conscious consumers has announced that iSatori will attend and showcase its products at the 2017 Europa Games Expo on June 17 – 18 in Dallas, Texas.

The company however confirmed in a release that it has chosen not to participate in this year’s GNC franchise convention.

“Europa is the nation’s industry-leading distributor of nutritional and sports supplements, sports drinks and accessories representing over 280 of the industry’s best brands with over 6,300 SKU’s and a national network of fulfillment centers,” said John S. Wilson, CEO of FitLife Brands.

“The Europa show is the largest of its kind with hundreds of wholesalers and retailers represented and presents a significant opportunity for us to engage with customers in an effort to increase our distribution footprint for iSatori. World-class iSatori athlete and four-time World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw, will be on hand representing iSatori and showcasing our latest products.”

“As stated in our first quarter release, we are continuing to face a challenging retail environment where many of our customers are choosing to hold less inventory,” continued Mr. Wilson.

“In light of the foregoing and numerous other factors, we have elected not to attend the 2017 GNC Global Conference/Franchise Convention. While not easy, this decision will enable us to strategically re-invest our efforts and resources to both build iSatori, and proactively support and expand opportunities with our GNC franchise partners to the benefit of all parties throughout the remainder of the year.”

Products offered by vendors at GNC’s annual franchise convention are sold at a deep discount representing the lowest and “best price” of the year. In turn, many franchisees will place large orders to take advantage of the discounts to build inventories and improve store-level margins. Depending on shipment timing, this can create a lumpiness in quarterly results for vendors.

It is important to note that not participating in the convention does not result in lost sales, but, rather, a more uniform distribution of orders over the second, third and, to a lesser extent, fourth quarters. As such, during 2016 the Company recorded material convention related revenue in the second quarter, which management expects will be distributed more evenly over the second and third quarters of 2017.

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