British instructors lined up for NASK Karate training in Lagos

The Nigerian Association of Shotokan Karate (NASK) is set to host the 3rd edition of her ‘Training with the Champions’ International Karate training course with Senseis Andy Sherry (9th Dan) & Frank Brennan (8th Dan) of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) as event Instructors.

The organizers confirmed that the four-day event is scheduled to hold in Victoria Island, Lagos beginning from the 29th August to the 1st of September, 2017, and it is expected to have participants from the 36 states of the Federation, the Federal Capital Territory, including other neighbouring Francophone West African countries.

Shotokan is the most practiced karate style in the world and NASK as one the most respected karate associations in Nigeria prides herself with possessing some of the best competitors and instructors in the country, having fully committed herself to promoting the accelerated development of shotokan karate in Nigeria.

“The 3rd edition will is been put together to create opportunities for thousand of karate practitioners in the country and neigbouring West African Countries, – Nask national secretary, John Ogwo said.

He further stated that the organizers considered inviting the instructor over in a bid to help her members who may be unable to afford or bear the cost of traveling on their own and yet need to be a part of the training. as a way of cutting cost for her members and other practitioners.

“This programme represents one of the association’s flagship events aimed at ensuring that the recent realities of the Nigerian economy do not cause a retardation in karate development as many more karateka participate and benefit from world class training and exposure when we bring in extremely accomplished and highly respected international instructors to train our people locally instead of this being the exclusive preserve of only a privileged few who can still afford to travel abroad on their own funds to essentially seek self-development.

“Senseis Andy Sherry and Frank Brennan are indisputably two of the world’s finest non-Japanese karate instructors. Sensei Andy Sherry is the current chairman of the KUGB and his protege Sensei Frank Brennan holds the world record as the only man to be World karate grand champion for ten consecutive years. Put another way, he was the best karate sportsman in the world for ten consecutive years, winning everything there was to be won at the world level in all the competitive disciplines of the sport (i.e kata and Kumite).”

Andy Sherry is one of the most senior British practitioners of karate and the chief instructor of the KUGB, while Frank Brennan, is a Shotokan karate champion who has won a wide variety of titles both as an individual and as part of the KUGB team. He remains a well-known and well-respected KUGB instructor and coach.

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