Ascendis completes acquisition of Sunwave, NHP Natural


Ascendis said it has completed the acquisition of Sunwave Pharma SRL and NHP Natural Health Pharma Ltd.

It could be recalled that Ascendis had announced via the Johannesburg Stock Exchange News Service of the JSE Limited on 8 March 2017 will acquire core business assets of Sunwave Pharma SRL, a distribution company based in Romania, for a total consideration of EUR 16,350,000, from Sunwave.

The company also said it will 100% of the intellectual property of NHP Natural Health Pharma Ltd (“NHP Pharma”), a nutraceutical company based in Cyprus, for a total consideration of between EUR 26,100,000 and EUR49,100,000, depending on the financial performance of the business over the next three years, from NHP Pharma.

Ascendis Health said it has concluded the transaction today, on 2 June 2017. As such, the Transactions are officially unconditional, thereby resulting in an effective date of 2 June 2017.

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