Yandex, Prosveshcheniye to create digital learning platform


Yandex and education holding group, Prosveshcheniye, known as Russia’s largest educational publisher, recently agreed to form a joint venture to develop a digital education platform for Russian schools.

Yandex said the platform is aimed at students, their parents and teachers, the new educational web service will incorporate Yandex’s technologies with content and methodology delivered by Prosveshcheniye, to enhance the learning process for millions of schoolchildren in Russia.

Yandex and Prosveshcheniye Holding will each invest approximately one million US dollars (in roubles) to the joint venture by the end of this year. Yandex is excited to contribute its machine learning technologies to the project including computer vision and speech recognition among others.

The new platform will open up communication beyond the classroom for students, parents, and teachers, aiding in parents’ and teachers’ abilities to work together to help students reach their educational goals. The platform will also give users access to a plethora wealth of study materials and learning resources on both desktop and mobile devices.

A number of platform features are being planned to help today’s educational community. The platform will have automated test and homework-checking tools to save teachers’ time and allow for other more creative activities. A progress report feature will allow parents to check their children’s individual progress and gauge their learning level by comparing it to their peers . Personal recommendation features are being built to help students with their individual studies.

“Today, personalised educational programs are an important trend in modern education,” says Vladimir Uzun, the President of Prosveshcheniye Holding. “How well we will progress in this direction, depends, to a large extent, on how well we will be able to apply the state-of-the-art technologies and resources available to us today. Prosveshcheniye and Yandex are now joining forces to help educators, students and their parents save their time, while giving them a chance to find additional educational opportunities for greater child development.”

“New technologies open new opportunities. We value education and are glad to open new educational opportunities with our technologies,” says Alexander Shulgin, Chief Operating Officer of Yandex. “Yandex’s technological expertise combined with the educational experience of one of Russia’s oldest and largest educational publishers, will offer Russian schools both useful and user-friendly tools, plus new and modern study materials. Our platform will create a learning process that is more open, accessible and personalised.”

Since 2007, Yandex has been committed to developing educational projects, from our Yandex.Lyceum program built for school children to our Master’s level program offered at the Yandex School of Data Analysis. Yandex has played an important role in creating the Computer Science department at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, and established its own research departments at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Saint Petersburg State University. Yandex also runs a web platform for competitive programming, Yandex.Contest, and a special program that helps Russian school graduates prepare for their GCSE exams.

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