Yandex is closing its office in Kiev, Odessa


After a vicious raid on its offices in Kiev and Odessa, Yandex. the world’s third largest search engine said it will close its offices in these Ukrainian cities.

Yandex made the decision after Ukraine’s State Security Service raided Yandex’s Kiev and Odessa offices on Monday, accusing the company of illegally collecting Ukrainian users’ data and sending it to Russian security agencies.

The company said it had been added to a sanction list by the Ukrainian authorities and its bank accounts had been blocked, making it impossible to pay salaries to its local staff.

“That’s why we decided to close the offices in Kiev and Odessa, we will offer our team the opportunity to continue working in other Yandex’ offices in other countries,” the company said in a statement.

Ukraine imposed sanctions on Yandex and several other Russian Internet firms last month and blocked access to their websites, saying it wanted to guard against cyber threats.

More than 450 Russian firms have been blacklisted by Kiev since Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the ensuing pro-Russian separatist uprising in eastern Ukraine.

The latest development shows that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has taken a major turn for the worse. It will also affect Yandex’s leadership in the Russian subcontinent.

For many years, Yandex remains the 80% market share owner of the region. Google and other smaller players have struggled to get a fraction of the market.

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