AFROPX starts on-demand photo service for Francophone Africa


AFROPX, an online marketplace for African visual contents such as photos, videos and illustrations said it has started its Photo-on-Demand service.

The on-demand service was launched a few weeks before launching its marketplace of African images, the startup is already diversifying its activities.

The new service is being launched simultaneously in Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville and Togo. It will soon be deployed in two other Francophone African countries. It is aimed at all companies, especially restaurants, hotels and e-merchants who wish to make photos of their products or services.

AFROPX launches its Photo-on-Demand offering on a promising market. Demand is already strong and should continue to grow thanks to the boom on e-commerce in Africa.

Jean Dabany, co-founder of AFROPX and head of Photo-on-Demand service in Gabon, says:
“For a restaurant, a hotel manager or a merchant, it is essential today to get captivating images of its products or services. It’s all about promoting its activities and at the end, the goal to increase its sales. This is even more true with the Internet, even if our customers actually get a dual-use of the photos we produce: for digital marketing purposes on Facebook or web sites, as well as for more traditional materials such as posters or brochures”.

Jean Dabany continues: “The impact of high-quality images is immediate: with well-executed photos, you increase your chance of selling more and faster. On the internet, photos of a product or service are often the only real element, the only visual factor – therefore quite decisive – that stands between the e-consumer and the seller. They can trigger an order or purchase – or have the opposite effect. This is why it is essential to get quality visual content. It is also a leverage that helps to stand out from the competition”.

The Photo-on-Demand service is charged at session. The package includes the visit of a photographer from the AFROPX network, a shooting session at the client’s premises, and the delivery of an edited photo pack.

AFROPX was founded by five African content and e-commerce experts: Célia Grémy (France), Jean Dabany (Gabon), Arsène Goma-Kick (Congo-Brazzaville), Mouhamadou Diallo (Senegal) and Christy Ukata (Ghana).

The startup enters a high potential market, as African countries accelerate their digital transformation.

For African creative professionals, AFROPX represents a platform to increase sales and facilitate access to new markets and customers.

For buyers, whether local or international companies, AFROPX responds to the need for easier access to African quality images. Brands also consume more and more visual content, especially for their digital marketing, in order to better address their audiences and create more commitment.

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