Blockchain startup, Libra picks Ron Brennan as tech audit head


Libra, a Blockchain startup which accounting software for bitcoin users has appointed Dr. Ron Brennan, Siemens’ former Chief Risk Officer as its director of audit technology.

The company said he will be playing an active role as the startup expands its suite of offerings.

The appointment of Ron Brennan is part of its plans to expand its Libra Enterprise platform to feature a series of new modules.

According to CoinDesk, Jake Benson, Libra’s CEO and founder, was quoted to have said:

“As an experienced CRO, Rod understands what’s needed for mission critical risk and audit teams within organizations to support the operationalization of enterprise blockchains. We are extremely excited he has joined the team,”

Benson said Libra will be rolling out its new suite of services ahead of pending announcements about its work with various clients, details it expects to divulge later this year.

“The modules are in various stages of development, we expect to be able to discuss client projects and product details in the 2nd half of 2017,” he said.

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