Brief: Big companies in Nigeria can now get power directly


The transmission company of Nigeria, TCN has issued a major policy shift that allows big companies with a consumption demand of 2 megawatts to get power directly from power generating companies.

This will be a major shift should the industry follow through in the implementation of the policy which will see many companies cutting down on their expenditure on power.

Bede Opara , General Manager of TCN said it is a possibility but ‘we have to be prepared for it’

He added that the problem will lie in the collection of funds remitted by the companies or customers. He also pointed out that the generating companies also have to pay owners of the network whose infrastructure will be used to relay the power.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy but with a perennial power problem which has hampered the growth of its manufacturing sector. Many companies were moved out of the country due to power shortages and infrastructure challenges rendered them unprofitable.

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