SSK posts ZAR106 million operating loss in 12 months

The Tourist Company of Nigeria Plc

For the 12 months ended February 2017, SSK said it recorded an operating loss of ZAR106 million.

The company said its revenue for the period was ZAR9.1 billion with a book order of ZAR14 billion.

Full year contract revenue from operations was ZAR9,1 billion. This represents a decrease of ZAR611 million compared to the previous year 2016 when the company posted ZAR9,7 billion.

The company said the group’s performance reflects the extremely challenging trading environment and includes certain one-off events.

About SSK
SSK or Sentraal-Suid Co-operative is a primary agricultural co-operative that delivers high-quality products and services to mainly the agricultural industry.

SSK has an equity interest in other companies within the group.

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