Aiteo picks Ratko Knezevic as group advisor on capital raising

Benoit Bazin

To help in raising capital for the company, Aiteo Group has appointed Mr. Ratko Knezevic to its Global Executive Management team as Group Advisor on Business and Capital Development.

The company said the appointment of Ratko Knezevic will take with effect from 5 May 2017.

Aiteo Group said Mr Knezevic will lead Aiteo’s funds raising activities from global capital markets with the primary objective of reinforcing the Group’s growth and diversification targets in Nigeria and across Africa as a whole.

Ratko Knezevic brings to this role vast experience and expertise acquired through proven track record of direct operational leadership, strategy development, team building, financial and relationship management. He has achieved this immense depth of capability from more than 20 years of top flight experience in international business, investment banking, world political affairs, and international government relations through, amongst many roles, previous roles as Vice Chairman of Macquarie Capital EMEA and senior advisory roles with some of the biggest blue chip companies in the world.

Ratko Knezevic also served as Special Advisor for Economic and Foreign affairs to Prime Minister of Montenegro from 1994-1997 during which time he also served as Chief of the Montenegrin Mission to the United States of America.

Benedict Peters, Founder, Vice President and CEO of the Aiteo Global Group, said:

“This appointment is a testament to Aiteo’s commitment to stable, experienced leadership and I believe with Ratko Knezevic’s exemplary guidance and advice, based on his vast experience in the UK, US, Europe and China in capital markets, we will continue to grow in the kind of significant proportions that we have come to be known. Mr Knezevic’s unrivalled network within global capital markets offers an excellent opportunity for investment in Nigeria and Africa through the Aiteo Group.”

Ratko Knezevic, Global Strategy and Capital Markets Advisor to Aiteo Group, said: “Africa is a new market and offers me a new challenge. My previous clients are some of the world’s biggest capital movers, and looking through their eyes, I can see the potential of Aiteo as a major commercial organisation in Africa and the world. I will be saying nothing new to recognise that future world economic growth lies with Africa, and I am excited about playing a role in Aiteo’s expansion, diversification and international stakeholder engagement.”

Aiteo Group is a global-focused Nigerian energy with subsidiaries such as Aiteo Eastern Exploration and Production Company Limited (AEEPCo) and Aiteo Power. Aiteo Group acquired OML 29 from Royal Dutch Shell.

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