Jean Pierre Arens is the new CEO of OneCoin


In the midsts of its turpsy-turvy future, OneCoin has appointed Jean Pierre Arens as its new global CEO.

There is no concrete information about the background of Jean Pierre Arens. However, sources to the scheme suggest that he seems to have been in the system for a while.

He was quoted by BehindMLM to have defended OneCoin as a victim of an organised negative campaign from Europe:

“I am a responsible father. I would never have risked associating myself with such a fraudulent illegal organization”.

He insisted that “OneCoin (is) simply been the victim of a vast and massive denigration campaign, very well prepared and organized mainly from Europe”.

OneCoin is a pseudo-digital currency with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. The scheme is facing a massive crackdown across various countries of the world.

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