Loucas Pouroulis, Chairman, Tharisa

Loucas Pouroulis has a Mining and Metallurgical Engineering (Hons), National Technical University, Athens, Greece, he is the Chairman of Tharisa, with responsibility for the development of strategy and the identification of new opportunities for the Group.

He began his career in Cyprus in 1962, and his initial post graduate training took place in Germany, Sweden and Cyprus. Loucas is trained as a mining and metallurgical engineer and has 50 years’ experience in mining exploration, project management, financing and production in open pit and underground mining operations, including PGM and gold mines.

He immigrated to South Africa in 1964 and joined Anglo American, where he rose rapidly through the management ranks and received extensive training and experience. In 1971, Loucas began to pursue his own mining interests, initially focusing on gold mining opportunities considered uneconomical by the majors.

By the 1990s, he had established Petra Diamonds and, since 2000, has established Eland Platinum, Tharisa Minerals, Kameni, Keaton Energy and TransAfrika Resources.

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