Bitcoin market capitalisation hits USD30 billion


Latest monitoring of the market capitalisation of Bitcoin shows that it is now sitting pretty on USD30 billion.

Bitcoin is the most accepted cryptocurrency used for payments and other transaction across digital platforms.

From Monday till now, the most popular digital currency has gained about USD30 billion

According to, the surge was more noticeable last night after a short pullback of 2%, massive buy orders appeared on exchanges pushing the price to new heights. Today, the market reached yet another all-time high of $1892 per coin.

In comparison, PayPal’s stock market cap is at $59.87 billion. While Bitcoin is still nowhere near a number of transactions compared to PayPal, it is interesting to see how the two payment solutions compare against each other. In comparison, VISA’s market cap is a whopping $212.88 billion, and MasterCard’s is at $124.82 billion.

There other digital currencies with wide acceptance such as Ethereum, Altcoin and others.

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