BTC Investments Ponzi Bitcoin investment review

Ponzi Schemes

BTC Investments is a Ponzi site touting as a group providing help to the needy in terms of philanthropic works.

The promoters say it is focused on making a difference in the world, one cause at a time with a goal of creating a community of like-minded individuals who also have a desire to make a difference in this world.

It should be said that many Ponzi promoters have thrived overtime owing to their claims of being a philanthropic platform which ends up the other way round. The information below shows that the site is not what it says it is in the real sense.

Over and over again, bitcoin has stated categorically that the currency is a mode of payment and not an investment.

BTC Investments promotes investment in Bitcoin, requests that its investors make donations and expect a return. How can a philanthropist, expects a return on the same platform. Is there an investment that the site promoters have refused to confirm to the investors?

“Our goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals who also have a desire to make a difference in this world. We have created a platform that will help people gain funds to support their cause whether it’s to support a women’s shelter, pay for unexpected medical bills, get funds for a special project or the many other worthy causes in this world.

Our concept is simple. The more you give, the more you are able to Receive. Our platform starts with giving. At the top of the matrix is Kingdom Ministries – Helping the Helpless. Every now and then a different cause may appear in the downlines at various stages. Once you decide the cause you would like to contribute to and take the action of contributing to it, you will be put in a position to receive contributions from others who choose to fund your cause.

There is a real need for what we have put together here and the only way to overcome bad is good.

“What We Can’t Do Alone We Can Do Together”

BTC Investments has its address in South Africa and has no information in regards to who owns the brand, who founded the company, or where in the world it is physically based out of.

Having bitcoin itself is enough investment, all you need to do is to trade with your bitcoin which BTC investment has not stated what exactly they are investing in. Plus there are other several ways to grow your bitcoin if you really want to make more with less risk.

2 thoughts on “BTC Investments Ponzi Bitcoin investment review

  1. so what are the other ways to grow bitcoin as this is the most vital part missing in your post to really help anybody looking to make more bitcoins find your post more useful.

    1. Hello Abdul,
      Just as we are not financial advisers, we can only say that having Bitcoin itself is an investment (PS. we are not advising you to buy Bitcoin) but in the basic level, should you have some Bitcoins and the market value of the currency appreciates, you can trade it and convert it to your local currency. This is the only legitimate way to profit from any currency. You can do your research.
      Haven said that there are various resources on that will enlighten you the more on Bitcoin scams and how to stay away from them.

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