DXMarkets reportedly built OneCoin’s disputed blockchain


OneCoin, the Ponzi digital currency is making more claims to back up its claims that it owns a functional blockchain. DXMarkets has now being revealed as the developer that worked on the supposed blockchain.

There several claims on the so-called OneCoin blockchain that OneCoin has been forced to come up with a whitepaper on how its blockchain works and what makes it different from other blockchains in the public.

There already news reports (such as this) that OneCoin does not have a real blockchain that runs its Ponzi digital currency. The organisation is said to be using a SQL Database that collects all its membership data in its OneLife Network Services.

However, to everybody’s dismay, neither DXMarkets nor OneCoin has released the white paper for public knowledge. Both parties have become evasive on the matter. As we write this report, DXMarkets stood its ground that it signed an NDA with OneCoin and will not be able to reveal details of the white paper and the blockchain.

A chat with Bjorn Bjercke, tracked by BehindMLM, Marcelo Garcia Casil, CEO of DXMarkets, refused to reveal details saying:

I can’t send you the white paper, you need to get it from the OneCoin staff directly.

I’m bound by NDA and therefore I’m not allowed to distribute their material or to comment on their IT infrastructure beyond what I elaborated on the white paper.

I’m not affiliated with OneCoin Limited in any capacity and therefore I can’t comment on their behalf.

Bjorn pressed him further on the details of the Blockchain, that asking:

Why are members unable to check their transactions from the blockchain?

Why there’s no transaction IDs on transactions, only traditional records on OneLife BackOffice?

There are not even time stamps in the transaction in the user wallet.

Casil refused to divulge further details claiming:

I honestly don’t know the answers to those questions.

The work I’ve done was not based on their existing IT.

Bjorn further issued an official statement claiming that:

I have in my possession evidence that OneCoin has never had a blockchain. Also, Marcelo Garcia Casil, CEO of DXMarket, has confirmed that the OneCoin whitepaper is for a future OneCoin system.

I have reported all my findings to the Police authorities throughout out Europe and Asia.

It is not clear how long OneCoin will continue to maintain its ground that it has a blockchain. An analyst is of the view that OneCoin will not make open the so-called blockchain nor the whitepaper as the move will jeopardise its continuous existence.

For your information, OneCoin has been banned in Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Uganda and Hungary.

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  1. Onecoin is under no obligations to prove anything Or show any proof that it has a Blockchain until it goes Public….if they are a private company then it’s their business,not ours.


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