Why you need to stay away from Swissgolden Ponzi scheme


While investors in all kind of Ponzi schemes are basking in their loss to unworthy investments, here comes Swissgolden with a ‘rusty’ promise.

Profitable investment programs are available both online and offline but it appears many prefer schemes with bogus returns on investment.

Promoters of Swissgolden say investors do not need beyond NGN2700 (Twenty-seven thousand naira only) to start. They claim it is a zero percent risk investment.

According to information available on swissgolden’s website, it is intended for purchase and sale of an investment gold in bars.

Gold bars are bought and sold in the Internet – shop in any quantity and any values from 1 to 100 grams.

Bars delivery is carried out by the insured mail or they can be received by prior arrangement in the delivery department in GB , as well as they can be left for safekeeping in the certified depository of precious metals. GB , as well as they can be left for safekeeping in the certified depository of precious metals.


Delivery cost is defined by the postal service. Сost of delivery amounts to 55 euro.
The gold storage cost is 0.1 % per month of the value of the gold stockpiled in depository on the first day of every month.

In case of Buyer’s payment for the Order and Company’s services is through bank transfer, the Swissgolden company will send an invoice to the Buyer. An invoice will be sent to the Buyer’s e-mail stated at the registration. The cost of purchase will be fixed for 24 hours.

As the gold market price may change several times a day, a Buyer must make a bank transfer and send a copy of payment by e-mail to the delivery department within 24 hours.

If confirmation of a payment for the Order is not received within 24 hours, the Order will be canceled.

However, many Swissgolden promoters invite investors to donate in the Swissgolden’s matrix system which they say is dynamic and not static unlike other Ponzi schemes.

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The minimum you earn from Swissgolden is NGN1.1 million naira (One million, one hundred naira only) and you earn that 3 times before you move to the next stage with even more money to be earned.

– Excellent matrix system. Most MLM will tell you they operate a 2 x 2 matrix. When you join, you find out that they have other stages that operate a2 x 3 or even 2 x 5matrix making you to struggle to earn from their system. They are death traps. Swissgolden operates a 2 x 2 matrix all through their wealth stages.

All these lines are the usual mumbo-jumbo used to hoodwink unsuspecting investors to believe Swissgolden has anything to do with investing in gold. There are no proof and or actual links with this organisation as a gold trading platform.

The whole idea is to divert the attention of Ponzi investors to Swissgolden which is not a Messiah in recession as they have claimed. It is another system that encourages a pyramid system under downlines by simply passing funds around referrals as found in Ponzi programs.

To justify its claims, the promoters of Swissgolden say a refund is possible when investors want their money back. There is no guarantee for this claim since the scheme is not regulated by any financial services agency.

There is no actual investment going in this scheme. Those who invest in it will be open to surprises as soon as new investors dry out.