Bonitaz, Twinkas comeback Ponzi scheme review

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Folks behind Twinkas have allegedly launched Bonitaz, another usual high return Ponzi scheme.

They will be perpetrating this ‘travesty’ after bailing with billions of Naira (NGN) of investors money and leaving behind a huge pile of RoI liabilities for their victims (actually no one knows how much investors lost to Twinkas).

Well, they were all warned. In the playbook of Ponzi scheme entrepreneurs, there is always a comeback period. It is always after a hiatus, but they normally stage a comeback.

Bonitaz is said to be their return into the scheme of things. Should their plans go as planned, many will go ahead to invest in this scheme, only to be scammed. I will close this article with wailing tales of Twinkas’ victims, but first, let us see what Bonitaz is all about.

In their usual pompous style, they claimed that “BONITAZ is pioneered by philanthropic and optimistic investors who wish to offer a lasting solution to the financial instability in our society today. This community promotes mutual financial donation among members. By making voluntary financial donation to a fellow member, a returnable value is added to your initial donation. We operate a mutual-donor mechanics where giving value to your investment is the supreme priority”.

To wrap it up, they boasted that “Bonitaz has come to stay!”. Has anybody reminded them that their Twinkas scam only lasted for two months?

Would be investors are promised to earn up to 100% return on their capital with additional 5% referral bonus to be paid to the ‘kind’ investors that bring more people into the system.

To justify how they make the bogus returns, they attributed it to a ‘Mass/Crowd Contribution’. They even went ahead to compare themselves to the banking system:

Have you ever wondered how much the banks make from deducting relatively insignificant duty charges from each of their hundreds, thousands and millions of customers?

Have you, also, ever wondered how much the Mobile Network Providers make from a few minutes calls each of their millions of subscribers make in a day?

Have you, as well, ever wondered how much is generated as tax for the State by the populace monthly and yearly?

That is the Power of Mass/Crowd Contribution!

Nevertheless, Mass/Crowd Contribution alone cannot keep Bonitaz continuously alive.

This is the same gimmick used by such Ponzi schemes. They use fallacious statements and simplistic assertions to justify their scam.

They will not tell anyone that their activities are not registered by any financial services regulator. Deposits are also not insured. All deposits are not invested into any profit yielding investment vehicle.

There are no names to the site and no information on who owns the system. Many red flags are flying over this scheme that it does not require any financial knowledge to see it for what it is- scam.

After collecting huge amounts from their victims in Twinkas, they have not up till this moment communicated to them as to what has happened to their funds. Many Twinkas investors have commented on several articles on to complain bitterly.

PS. Do not be surprised to see positive comments for Twinkas in the trail, as we found out, owners of Twinkas have infiltrated the comment section with sponsored comments to attack and aggrieved investors.

See below some of their comments:

Chimoke said “This is wickedness and fraud in the highest order. Some will claim they are paying while other people’s money are stocked there.. If they are paying then tell your Twinkas to pay me. I have been activated since 7th Feb. Till now I have not been paid, is it not more than 2months? God will judge you. If is not scam then proof me wrong.”

Samuel said: “i have three account of 50k packages, 20k and 10k respectively and it is more than 2months now ,i don’t know why any of the account has not been paid, then the later part of it was that i started seeing something like TKS 150, 000, TKS40,000 and so on , i don’t even know the meaning and purpose of the TKS. can anyone help me out with the TKS issue appearing on it”.

Chidinma said: “Its a wrong ideal to entrust your money to Please be wise and don’t get deceived by people asking you to invest inthe platform. You wont get your monies back, talk more of the additional percentage guaranteed by the scheme.

“They are bunch (sic) of liars and thieves.”

Emeka said:”From Jan 30th til April 2017 twinkas are paying to brother’s and sistet in crimes (sic) ,members please send the name account number or you can post on websites.let’s see how can’t get the criminal on web.Mmm have open door to criminals on web to operate. Don’t fool by them saying don’t worry keep can open up will discourage new investors lies is 419 that can tell you not open up because when open up No way to get more money. Post you’re payment and names were the tracking web”.

The list goes on and on, Bonitaz will not be any different.

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  1. Will this ponzi scheme last. pls we don’t need scammers. they should really mean their business in providing real help for pple.

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