Bjorn Bjercke did not work for OneCoin

Bjorn Bjercke did not work for OneCoin

After we carried a story which linked Bjorn Bjercke with OneCoin and that he built the SQL Database that was disguised as OneCoin’s Blockchain, the programmer has denied links with OneCoin.

According to a statement he made on Reddit which was tracked by BehindMLM, Bjorn Bjercke was said to have revealed that:

OneCoin Ltd., with the help of their attorney, has sent me a threatening letter saying I have to withdraw my statements and remove Youtube videos, and articles.

I also have to apologize publicly or else they will file a suit against me for their economic losses due to the harm I have caused them.

In my opinion, OneCoin is like a cancer to the cryptocurrency community. I cannot give up, I cannot hide the truth, I cannot stay quiet about OneCoin/OneLife being a SCAM. So I decided to lawyer up which is going to be very expensive.

However, a person claiming to be Bjorn Bjercke, commented on the same article claiming not to have worked for OneCoin:

“The company has sued its programmer who developed an SQL Database for the company instead of a Blockchain ledger.”
This Implies that I have done work for OneCoin. This is NOT true. I was approached by a Recruitment company which the offered challenge to convert existing SQL server to a new blockchain. The first contact was the 29 of September 2017 two days before Ruja started the “New Blockchain” on stage in Bangkok. I was unaware the recruitment company was recruiting for OneCoin a few days into October 2016. To recap I HAVE NEVER DONE WORK FOR ONECOIN / ONELIFE or any of its associates. cannot independently proof whether he was impersonated in the said comment or not.

OneCoin has been the topic of series of controversies across the world. Germany’s top financial regulator has ordered the POnzi scheme out of the country. Nigeria, Uganda, Turkey, Italy and many other countries have issued bans and warnings against the scheme.