BRIEF: Glo and all other mobile networks inflate data prices


After being praised and preferred for affordable data prices, Glo has inflated data prices by cutting volume.

Without proper announcements to its customers, Glo has reduced data volume given to various packages for its 3G and 4G services.

A check on other networks shows that they have all reduced data volumes for various packages. It is not clear if the current move was sanctioned by National Communications Commission, NCC.

However there were various instances when the NCC sanctioned data price increase. Those steps were rejected through a public outcry. It also not clear if the NCC had told them to go ahead this time around.

Various analysts we spoke to said the move by the mobile carriers are reactionary a punitive measure to curb the influence of over the top applications such as WhatsApp, Imo, Skype and other OTT apps that have gained huge popularity among Nigerians.

However, analysts warned that many people will back down on their subscriptions which end up hurting their sales.

As at the time of writing this report, non of the mobile networks have issued official announcements on the matter.

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