Qatar Airways gets close to acquiring Italy’s Meridiana


Qatar Airways said it is preparing to close up a deal that will seal its acquisition of Italy’s Meridiana.

Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker told Reuters that the deal will be signed in the “next couple of days”

He also disclosed that Qatar Airways will will not reduce flight frequency to the United States.

Fellow Gulf carrier Emirates said last week it was cutting flights on five U.S. routes after restrictions imposed by President Donald Trump’s administration weakened demand from the Middle East.

Meridiana is an entirely private capital Italian airline with its headquarters in Olbia.

The company was set up with the name of Alisarda on 29 March 1963 by Prince Karīm al-Hussayn Aga Khan with the aim of promoting tourism in Sardinia. Scheduled flights commenced in 1964.

On 3 May 1991 the name was changed to Meridiana.

At the end of February 2010 Meridiana fly was inaugurated, the second largest carrier in Italy, from the merger of two air transport players: Eurofly, a Company specialized in charter services to long haul holiday destinations and Meridiana, a scheduled carrier with an extensive national and European network, with the primary objective of connecting the main Italian airports with the two largest islands Sardinia and Sicily.

In October 2011 Meridiana fly also completely acquired the properties of Air Italy, a chartered Italian carrier which definitively joined the Group and now operates connections on behalf of Meridiana.
After rebranding, starting in March 2013, the company has eliminated the trademark Air Italy and the suffix of Meridiana fly by replacing it with “Meridiana”.

All flights are operated so as Meridiana IATA code and ICAO IG ISS. They are, however, two active C.O.A. separated payable to Meridiana fly and Air Italy, with the respective operating units, aircrew and employment contracts.
From May 2013, the company is no longer listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.
Meridiana is an important national carrier with a history of over 50 years . The airline carries over 3 million passengers annually in Italy and abroad.