Stablehelpers 100% in one hours Ponzi scheme review


Stablehelpers Ponzi scheme uses the provide help and get help mode of operation and it promises 100% returns on investment in one hour.

A participant donate a certain amount to another participant within the scheme and after he/she gets confirmed, he /she gets in queue to get help also.

The promoters of the scheme described it as “StableHelpers is an automated platform that simply merges members of the community to offer and receive help. Members give and receive from each other. The matching system is based on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis and does not require any referral for a participant to earn. You can recycle several times after receiving donations”

The message sound very nice and convincing but the risk in investing in the system is that when an individual get help but refuse to recycle, who will pay the remaining people in the system, waiting to be merged to receive their payment? When there no more people to provide help the system crashes.

Stablehelper offer different packages which includes NGN2500, NGN5,000, NGN10,000,NGN25,000, and NGN50,000 1.e whena participant donate any of these plans to another participants, he or she gets 100% back, the 100% of NGN2,500 is NGN5,000, NGN5,000 is NGN10,000, NGN10,000 is NGN20,000,NGN25,000 is NGN50,000 and 100% of NGN50,000 is NGN100,000 all in one hour. Even a legit business can not give you 100% profit in hour that is to show you the intentions if the creators of the scheme. A word is enough for the wise.

The domain of the website has been set to private which makes it impossible for anyone to get information on when the site was created and when it will expire.

The location of its promoters is also unknown so there is none to run to when the inevitable happens. Many have fallen victims of this type of Ponzi scam.

On the surface, they sound very rewarding, however, the inability of their promoters to pay older investors will crash the system.

The last I checked, many other Ponzi schemes have adopted the same type of names similar to Stablehelpers. In the end, it might turn out to be another version of the same scheme which has collapsed, making away with huge sums of monies.