Jackobian, Nigeria’s largest Ponzi scheme forum shuts down


For many followers of various Ponzi schemes, Jackobian with the domain name ‘jackobian.com’ was the top Ponzi scheme forum where promoters and investors meet.

However, the past few weeks has been a downtime for the site. Jackobian has since gone offline with no reason on the site for its apparent shut down.

The site is owned by Precious Mmeso, a resident of Awka, the state capital of Anambra state, Southeast Nigeria. PageOne.ng cannot confirm or deny whether any of these details are true.

According to the domain registration, Precious claimed he is a student. He has not issued any official statement why the site was shut down. There are no information linking him to the ownership of a major Ponzi scheme, however, the site promotes sales of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency promotion, he named as “Central Bank of Bitcoin”.

There are no statement from the Securities and Exchange Commission as to whether the site was targeted in its operations against sites that promote or offer unregistered and regulated investment schemes.

During its prime days and Jackobian was receiving at least 250,000 unique visitors per month, according to Similarweb.

A Ponzi scheme analyst told PageOne.ng that the shutdown of Jackobian will deal a huge blow to many people who rely on it to further their interests ‘in the game’ of Ponzi. “The site was mostly visited by owners of Ponzi schemes and people interested in such schemes, they will yearn an immediate replacement”.

5 thoughts on “Jackobian, Nigeria’s largest Ponzi scheme forum shuts down

  1. jackobian is a great forum, where all even the students in our today Nigeria have just a little HOPE; one of the few other things stronger than FEAR…
    It is a free Country and so long as its not detrimental to all involved, Jackobian should continue!!!

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