Despite record revenue, Zeder suffered ZARR796 million loss in 2016

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Zeder in its financial report recorded an increase in  Revenue to ZAR10.2 billion  compared to ZAR9.3 billion recorded in the previous year.

The company’s Gross profit rose to ZAR1.66 billion in contrast to ZAR1.55 billion recorded in 2016.

Its total income grew to ZAR313 million against R289 million. Loss attributable to owners was recorded at ZAR796 million compared to profit of ZAR782 million recorded in the previous year. In addition, headline loss per share came to 47.5 cents per share  compared to headline earnings per share of 36.5 cents per share.

The directors have resolved to declare a gross final dividend of 11 cents compared to 9 cents per share from income reserves in respect of the year ended 28 February 2017, which represents a 22.2% increase.

Zeder said it remains actively involved with its underlying portfolio of companies and continuously seeks new investment opportunities. We believe that, despite inevitable cyclicality, investing in the agribusiness industry should offer attractive long-term returns.

Corporate information

Zeder invests in the “agribusiness” industry. Agribusiness is a broad descriptive term referring to a range of activities and processes involved in modern food and raw material production. It encompasses all the procedural and practical services and products associated with the word “agriculture”: farming of every sort, machinery, distribution, processing, marketing, financing and so on. The success of this industry is key to the future of the global population which continues to grow and urbanise. Through our strategic core investments, Zeder is geared to play a significant part.

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