‘Dogs’ attack on courier dispatch associates in America

While it is being reported in the United States of America that Dogs attack on dispatch courier dispatch associates is on the increase, perhaps it is time to beware of dos in human clothing in our clime.

The United States Postal Service has released its annual count of postal employees attacked by dogs — and the numbers aren’t good for letter carriers. USPS says there were 6,755 such attacks in 2016, more than 200 higher than 2015.

For the records, Los Angeles topped the list, with 80 attacks last year. Houston, Cleveland, San Diego and Louisville, Ky., rounded out the top five.

It is also believed that Americans own about 70 million dogs, according to a market research conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. About 36 percent of U.S. households own a dog, with an average of 1.6 dogs per household.

The postal service releases the dog-attack numbers as part of Dog Bite Prevention Week, along with some advice on how people can keep their dogs from biting letter carriers.

In Nigeria, it was recently reported that one of Jumia’s dispatch associate was attacked and killed in Port-Harcourt by two men and a woman who are now in Police net. It was a dastard act! The victim’s body was later found inside a septic tank.

Dispatch or delivery associates as the case may be are very important to the entire  e-commerce process.  ‘Delivery associates and logistic partners are an integral part of our ecommerce business. They are a hardworking force of dedicated men and women who go through rain, sun and tough terrain to deliver to our customers’ expectations. We condemn and stand against all forms of verbal or physical assault against them and regard security on the job of the utmost importance.’ – Jumia’s statement acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of dispatch riders.

Perhaps it is high time we started taking this seriously as there may have been many unreported attacks on these harmless men in the course of their duty.

That being said, we must as a matter of exigency beam a light on the issue of payment method on e-commerce purchases in Nigeria. It should be re-emphasized that Pay on delivery is a bad idea for e-commerce in this country. Imagine if the hoodlums who attacked the innocent rider had paid online prior to delivery, it won’t have been necessary writing this article.

Although it is perceived that the payment method drives sales massively which is why it was adopted. This model encourages products to be returned to sellers if unpaid for by the buyer.

Among other advantages, this mode of payment makes it easy to set up for small businesses and does not require the buyer to have a credit card or commit prior to shipment of product. Also on the part of the businesses, they prefer cash payment over credit card payment, since that way they do not have to pay an extra some percent of the price to card company for a transaction.

Retailers want to sell, and are compelled by the demands of the market as purchasers prefer not to be involved in the risk of not receiving the products just as we have pay on delivery has also become popular in other emerging markets such as India, Indonesia and Thailand. Although, the credibility of retailers may also be increased when this type of trade turns out to be successful in a few series.

If this payment method must remain, let’s just say there is need to tweak a bit. Determine what kind of orders or items go as pay on delivery and stick to it. Also sellers and e-commerce sites need to constantly organize training on safety precautions for their associates on the field. This is not to say that it’s not being conducted.

Beware of ‘dogs!’

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