MMM Empire, ‘unlimited percent’ Ponzi scheme review

MMm empire

How do you make it big running a Ponzi scheme? Well you can ask owners of MMM Empire, an exact clone of the collapsed MMM Nigeria.

The speed at which you can start your own Ponzi scheme these days is now faster than before. No doubt about it, it is illegal, dodgy and it always fails, however, for those who are behind a scheme such as MMM Empire, it is their runway to make it big in the era of recession and lack.

MMM Empire must have bought the web script of MMM Nigeria from many chat forums where Ponzi scheme softwares are peddled for mostly less than USD200 for all modules including the source codes.

Whatever major popular Ponzi scheme you want to mimick does not matter, whether it has collapsed does not matter, just get a hold of the software and slam a name on it, you are in ‘business’

Such is the story of MMM Empire. For those who will be getting involved with this scheme, there is no different experience you should be expecting. It is a Ponzi scheme that will surely collapse, just like MMM Nigeria.

This is the first red flag: owners of this scheme are not precise with their investors. They are advertising 50%, 80% and 100% return on investment. There is no guarantee that they can deliver on any of these promises.

The site is also a bad clone of MMM Nigeria. Apart from the naming of the site, other copy were not any different. The mugshot of the Supreme Leader of the MMM Nation, Sergey Mavrodi, is still adorning the site. All other copies on the site are exactly ‘as is’ on the MMM Nigeria site. This shows how ‘serious’ its owners are with what they are doing.

The site was registered on the 29th of January, 2017. This is the same week investors of MMM Nigeria realised they have been taken to the cleaners. A Ponzi scheme analysts said the owners of MMM Empire might be one of the folks who have built an empire out of their share of the MMM money.

There is no guarantee that these clones and many other standalone scheme will stop cropping up. What is guaranteed is their failure. However, owners of these schemes often end up recouping wherever they have invested setting up this ‘business’.

Its investors/affiliates often end up holding the empty bag.

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